mormon-churchRumor has it that Mormonism is a secretive religion. Mormons (a nickname for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) don’t think of themselves that way. Nevertheless, the rumor persists, so on this site, ordinary, unofficial Mormons are going to reveal the Mormon secrets everyone wants to know. What do Mormons really believe? What happens in a Mormon temple and why won’t you let me inside one? How do Mormon men really treat their wives–and how many wives do they have? What goes on during Mormon church meetings and what are they teaching? What happens to all that tithing money Mormons pay? What will the Mormon leaders will really do if Mitt Romney gets elected president and do they want him to be president? Do Mormons really baptize dead people? Only a real, practicing Mormon can answer those types of questions and get the facts right, and they’re more acceptable coming from ordinary Mormons who don’t answer to anyone but God—no church leaders are looking over our shoulders telling us what to write. We’ll be clearing up the gossip, telling you the truth—and offering up a few surprises.

You’ve heard the gossip, but you want to know the truth—and if someone was going to be writing about you, would you want them to go only to your enemies for information, on the theory they are the only ones who would tell the truth? Or would you want them to ask you, because you have a right to speak for yourself and you know what is true about you? The Bible says to do unto others as we want others to do unto you…so give the Mormons a fair chance to speak for themselves, which is exactly what Jesus wants you to do. Plus, you know, it’s pretty hard to get another person’s religion just right. Sometimes the “doctrines” people think Mormons believe are actually in-jokes. If you’re not an insider, you don’t realize those Mormons were just kidding when they said it. And it’s a little embarrassing when you tell a Mormon he believes something–and he starts giggling. So let’s sort out the jokes, the gossip, and the truth and enjoy ourselves a little while we do it. You might be in for a few surprises.

Have fun! Use the navigation bar above to get to all the current secrets. More arrive every week, so come back often.